The Grid Frame

The wire grid frame worked like a champ. It served to give me exactly what I needed, which was a direct reference. It was 1/4′ chicken wire–I would like to find smaller wire mesh, but I couldn’t find a supplier who would sell me less than eight feet of it and at ten dollars a foot, a little too expensive for me right now.

The modeling clay across the bridge of the nose gives me a direct reference of his arc that translates to paper.

I have begun to mark his measurements above.

Translating his measurements to paper.

First attempt to make a pattern according to some rigid guidelines.

I’ve rounded the structural elements of the frame, creating a frame that meets the design aesthetic of my client.

All the patterns at first glance all look very similar, but if you look carefully you can find little details that change in each picture. The last photo’s second pattern is the pattern I’m going to try on my client. As you can see the bridge of the nose has softened, and also somethings that are not as easily noticeable are the height of the bride of the nose has moved up about 2 millimeters in order to bring the frame lower on the face, also the width of the oval has widened.

Hope you have enjoyed! We will be having another fitting this week, and then proceed into the actual making… Only 5 weeks until the project is due!

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