A Journey Into Bespoke Eyeglass Making.

This year my senior year at New College Franklin and my thesis is the pursuit bespoke eyeglass making. I decided to create a blog in hopes to aid in my research and goal to reach the community concerning a true knowledge of craft and quality. One of my advisors, George Grant, has willingly sacrificed his face to serve as my first client. He has promised to critique me on a professional level as if he were paying good money for this pair of frames. His constructive criticism will allow me to push myself to deliver a professional product in a reasonable amount of time.

This blog will catalogue my every step to making his frames, unique in every detail, and personal in every thousandths of an inch. Blood, sweat, and tears go into each pair of frames–a product guaranteed to be unique, personal, comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Join me as I pursue a forgotten craft and please feel free to ask questions–lots of pictures and descriptions soon to come, and more than likely other creations besides eyeglasses!

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